Top 3 Most Viewed Posts Last Week

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Now let’s summarize out top 3 most viewed posts last week:

(1) Mental Status Examination: Back to Basics

Highly recommended for our new PGY1 psychiatry residents and third & fourth-year medical students in psychiatry rotations.

Details (YouTube Video):

(2) Managing Lithium’s Adverse Events.

This lecture series contains the following five chapters:
(1) Lithium and Acute Kidney Injury (Evaluation).
(2) Lithium-induced Polyuria/polydipsia (nephrogenic diabetes insipidus).
(3) Lithium and Risk of Hypercalcemia & Hyperparathyroidism.
(4) Lithium-induced tremors.
(5) Lithium-induced Hypothyroidism.


(3) Antidepressants and Risk of Thrombocytopenia.

This topic is summarized in the following ten sections:
(1) Quiz with three multiple choice questions.
(2) 15 min video lecture. 
(3) Basics of thrombocytopenia.
(4) Causes of thrombocytopenia.
(5) Evaluation of thrombocytopenia.
(6) Antidepressants & thrombocytopenia: underlying mechanism.
(7) Safer antidepressants options.
(8) What if the patient has contraindications to above safer antidepressants?
(9) How can you reduce the risk of upper gastrointestinal bleeding with SSRIs?
(10) Summary of recommendations.


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