Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: ARIPIPRAZOLE

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: Aripiprazole


Therapeutic drug monitoring have limited value in the clinical use of aripiprazole. It may be useful in assuring adherence and optimizing response in individuals.


  • Target plasma level: range of between 150- 210 ng/mL is suggested.

  • Laboratory alert level = 1000 ng/ml.

  • Time to reach steady state = 14 days.

  • For Adverse Effects: No or only mild side effects were detected in patients with aripiprazole plasma concentrations between 110 and 249 ng/ml.

Coadministration of CYP3A4 inducer: resulted in approximately 60% lower mean Concentration:Dose (C:D) ratios of aripiprazole, dehydroaripiprazole, and the sum of aripiprazole and dehydroaripiprazole.


Combination with CYP2D6 inhibitor: resulted in a 45% higher mean C:D ratio of aripiprazole, with no effect on the C:D ratio of dehydroaripiprazole.


Combination with lithium: 43% higher mean C:D ratio of aripiprazole.


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