Supportive Psychotherapy- High Yield Facts

Supportive Psychotherapy- High Yield Facts



– If therapist expresses praise for something that patient cannot feel good about, therapist’s words will be ineffective & may even have a negative effect.
– Find opportunities to respond with honest praise.


– Must be honest
– It is never acceptable to offer reassurance that is simply what patient/family wants to hear.
– Adages and maxims are a form of normalizing


– Is powerful, because people want to believe that their efforts will lead to something.
– Two meaning of word “encourage”- to stimulate, and to give hope.

Rationalizing and Reframing:

– The challenge here to avoid sounding fatuous and to avoid what may appear to be argument or contradiction.


– Important tactic
– not to give advice on issues about which patient can make his or her own decisions.
– appropriate to give advice about activities of daily living to seriously impaired patients.

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Dr. Harvinder Singh, M.D. (Admin)

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