Skin Rashes with Mood Stabilizers

Skin Rashes with Mood Stabilizers



(1) Acne:

    • Onset: first 6 months of treatment.


    • Mechanism: Lithium included increase in circulating neutrophil chemotaxis, stimulating lysosomal enzyme release, and induce follicular hyperkeratosis. Common Presentation: monomorphic, papulopustular eruption of the trunk and extremities.


  • Treatment: Antibiotics; Benzoyl Peroxide; Tretinoin. (Source: 1)

(2) Psoriasis:

    • Onset: ranges from a few weeks to several months.


    • Mechanism: Lithium induced decrease in cAMP & Inositol lowers intracellular calcium, resulting in lack of differentiation & increased proliferation of keratinocytes, enhanced chemotaxis and leukocytes phagocytic activity.


  • Common Presentation: typical plaque type lesions affecting knees, elbows & scalp.
    Treatment: topical corticosteroids, topical retinoids, UV light. (Source: 2)


(1) Morbiliform Rash: Benign and common.

    • Onset: 2-8 weeks after initiation of medication.


    • Risk: Higher dose; Rapid titration; lamotrigine and valproate coadministration.


    • Presentation: Measles like appearance.


  • Treatment: Disconinue medications (rash resolve 1-2 weeks after discontinuation); antihistamines. (Source: 3)

(2) Stevens-Johnson Syndrome: Rare dermatologic emergency.

    • Onset: 1-3 weeks after initiation of medication.


    • Presentation: small blisters on purpuric macules, producing target lesions. Associated with fever, sore throat, chills, and malaise and corneal scarring.


    • Mechanism: immune-complex-mediated hypersensitivity reaction.


  • Treatment: Discontinue medication; Supportive systemic steroids; infection control & associated skin care. (Source: 4)




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