Typical Antipsychotics

Q.1: Typical Antipsychotics can be be safely used in which of the following patient population?

Q.2: Patient was started on typical antipsychotics and pt presented with severe orthostatic hypotension. Which of the following medication is contraindicated in the management of typical antipsychotics induced orthostatic hypotension?

Q.3: Which of the following typical antipsychotic is considered safe in overdose (compared to other atypical antipsychotics)?

Q.4: Patient presented to ED with complaints of drowsiness, mydriasis, rigidity, restlessness, decreased DTR (deep tendon reflexes), tachycardia, & hypotension. Pt reports overdosing on unknown amount of typical antipsychotic medication pills.
Which of the following management is not effective in patient with overdose on typical antipsychotics?

Q.5: Which of the following are NOT a contraindication for typical antipsychotics use?


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