Physician’s Guide for Clinical Psychiatry: 6 Months Anniversary Announcements.

Physician’s Guide for Clinical Psychiatry course was released 6 months ago on Jan 19 with 180 chapters. We just published our 222nd chapter yesterday (= 42 chapters added in 6 months). I want to thank you all for making this course a success.

On this occasion of our 6 months anniversary, we have following two announcements:

(a) upgraded our course logo (pic above) and

(b) added a new feature for our course subscribers: Triweekly Email Clinical Summary.

Triweekly Email Clinical Summary

I understand that we all have busy schedules and it may be difficult to read all 220+ chapters and watch long video podcasts. Triweekly Email Clinical Summary will solve this issue:

(1) I will send 3 emails/week to our course subscribers: Mon, Wed and Fri.

(2) Each email will contain a brief clinical summary of one chapter from the course. This way you will quickly read 3 chapters/week.

(3) You should be able to read these emails in less than 10 mins.

(4) The first email will be sent on July 22, 2019, for already subscribed course members. For our future new members: these emails will begin on the first day of your subscription.

Subscribe to Physician’s Guide for Clinical Psychiatry Course for detailed access to 220+ chapters:

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