Peer2Peer ChatRoom: Our New Course Feature

PEF Peer2Peer ChatRoom (PEF P2P) is a new feature for Physician’s Guide for Clinical Psychiatry subscribers. This ChatRoom brings together fellow psychiatric practitioners in our closed WhatsApp group and will replace our Triweekly Email Clinical Summary.

Reason Behind this New Feature?

The PEF P2P ChatRoom enables:

  1. Interaction among our course subscribers and
  2. makes weekly learning process more active with a chance to engage with the posted materials.

Furthermore, PEF P2P provides rapid access to the opinion of your colleagues on issues that matters to you the most.

Peer2Peer ChatRoom Goal:
  • This PEF P2P aims to be a handy place for psychiatrists and psychiatry residents for knowledge sharing, discussing clinical issues and learning about educational opportunities.
  • The aim of this ChatRoom is to facilitate rapid peer-to-peer learning.
Who Can Join?
  • Physician’s Guide for Clinical Psychiatry course subscribers only.
  • Only psychiatric practitioners are included in this group.
How Can You Join?
  • All course subscribers were sent a unique invitation code on July 11.
  • If you have not received this email: please contact us at
Peer2Peer ChatRoom Rules:
  • You cannot post advertisements or promote commercial products without approval from admin.
  • Political posts are not allowed.
  • If comments do not adhere to our community standards, they will be removed without warning, comments may be turned off and/or members may be removed.
  • When posting clinical problems, there should not be any identifiable information such as location, photos, DOB, employer info etc.
  • It is your responsibility to anonymize, so if anyone who knows your patient cannot identify the patient on reading your post.
  • The discussion here on anonymized patients is not considered medical advice.
  • Adding a non-psychiatrist member is grounds for removal.
  • The guidelines here can be changed at any time in the future by PEF Admins.



  • Total chapters: 250+ Chapters.
  • Chapters and Sections are frequently updated.
  • Goal: is to have all important clinically relevant topics in one course.
  • Peer2Peer ChatRoom: Interaction among our course subscribers and makes weekly learning process more active with a chance to engage with the posted materials.
  • Journal Club: we will post most recently published psychiatry articles relevant to your daily clinical practice.
  • Coffee Club: contain short discussions with clinical experts in the field of psychiatry
  • Annual Subscription of $65/year: for continued access to course on an annual basis.

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