Naltrexone for Impulse Control & Self-Injurious Behaviors.

I will summarize this topic by answering the following nine questions:

(Q.1) What Dose of Naltrexone is found effective?
(Q.2) Naltrexone was found effective for which symptoms reduction?
(Q.3) Which factors are associated with positive naltrexone response?
(Q.4) Where is naltrexone NOT found effective?
(Q.5) Is naltrexone effective if prescribed on “as needed” basis?
(Q.6) Which side effects are commonly seen with naltrexone?
(Q.7) What increases the risk of abnormal increase in liver enzymes with naltrexone?
(Q.8) What monitoring is recommended with Naltrexone?
(Q.9) When is Naltrexone Contraindicated?

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