Marshall Protocol: antimicrobial treatment for chronic inflammatory diseases.

Marshall Protocol: antimicrobial treatment for chronic inflammatory diseases.


Five key elements of this approach includes:
    1. taking a minimum of four doses of olmesartan (Benicar) per day.


    1. wean off any immunosuppressive or potentially immunosuppressive therapies.


    1. avoid the consumption of vitamin D, as well as certain other immunosuppressive foods.


    1. avoid as far as possible stress and environmental immune suppression.


  1. manage exposure to light, depending on photosensitivity and blood levels of vitamin D.


More information on this approach is available here: Marshall Protocol

Some authorities now believe that low 25(OH)D is a consequence of chronic inflammation rather than the cause. Research points to a bacterial etiology pathogenesis for an inflammatory disease process which results in high 1,25(OH)2D and low 25(OH)D. Immunotherapy, directed at eradicating persistent intracellular pathogens, corrects dysregulated vitamin D metabolism and resolves inflammatory symptoms.




For patients with chronic depression:- Will this approach help or make underlying depression worse??
Source: . 2014; 63(10): 803–819.

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