Journal Club 16: Lithium use during Pregnancy & Postpartum

Psychiatry Education Forum Academy 16th journal club discussion will focus on this clinically relevant topic of understanding the efficacy & safety of lithium use during pregnancy and postpartum.

Lithium Use During Pregnancy & Postpartum: Understanding Efficacy & Safety

Am J Psychiatry 177:2, Jan 2020

This discussion will be summarized in the following sections:

  1. Understanding Bipolar Disorder in Women.
  2. Mood stabilizers use during pregnancy.
  3. Lithium & risk of Spontaneous Abortion.
  4. Lithium & risk of Preterm Birth & Low Birth Weight.
  5. Lithium & risk of Any Congenital Anomaly.
  6. Lithium & risk of Cardiac Anomalies.
  7. Role of Lithium in Relapse Prevention.
  8. Comparing this study (Am J Psychiatry 177:2, Jan 2020) with: Lancet Psychiatry. 2018 Aug;5(8):644-652.
  9. Managing Lithium Dose during pregnancy & postpartum.
  10. How to minimize Neonatal Complications?
  11. Lithium Level changes during pregnancy & postpartum.
  12. Comparing Risks & Benefits in your clinical decision-making during discussions with patients.

Let’s begin by answering this question:

When is Lithium Level known to INCREASE during Pregnancy?

Answer: (d) None of the above.

Here is one of the slide from this journal club discussion:



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