How Long to Continue Antidepressants for MDD Treatment?

Once you have initiated antidepressants for MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) treatment and the patient has achieved remission, how long will you continue this current antidepressant for?

This topic is of direct clinical relevance to medical professionals in terms of their improving their clinical knowledge and also helping educate patients prior to and during treatment with antidepressants.

Let’s begin this discussion by answering this question:

(Q.1) How long to continue antidepressants for MDD treatment?

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with answers to the following questions:

(Q.2) Which risk factors to consider in deciding maintenance treatment over the discontinuation of antidepressant treatment?

(Q.3) How are guidelines different in terms of psychotherapy and psychopharmacology recommendations, based on the severity of MDD?

  1. APA Practice Guidelines
  2. Australian and New Zealand Guidelines
  3. CANMAT Guidelines
  4. European (NICE) Guidelines

(Q.4) How is MDD severity classified based on DSM-5?



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