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  • Dr. Harvinder Singh

    May 28, 2021 at 8:15 am

    Answer: (f) None of the above.

    All are correct options. Watch our journal club discussion for more details:

    This journal club will answer the following ten clinically relevant questions:

    1. Are omega-3 fatty acids effective as augmentation or as monotherapy for MDD management?
    2. What dose of omega-3 fatty acid is considered therapeutic for the treatment of MDD?
    3. What ratio of EPA/DHA is crucial for omega-3 fatty acids’s therapeutic benefit?
    4. Is pure EHA more efficacious than the combination of EHA/DHA for MDD?
    5. What is the recommended minimum duration of treatment with omega-3 fatty acid for the treatment of MDD?
    6. Is omega-3 fatty acid efficacious for recurrent depression?
    7. What are the common adverse events at the therapeutic dose of omega-3 fatty acid?
    8. What additional lab work is required when using the higher dosages of omega-3 fatty acid?
    9. How to ensure the omega-3 fatty acid’s product quality before buying?
    10. Do omega-3 fatty acid’s response in MDD have a relation with inflammatory biomarkers?