I want to thank all readers for making our last book publication a success: “Essentials of inpatient Psychiatry“. Most readers expressed their interest in e-book compared to paperback, so we decided to create this online course.


This course is dedicated to the essential and must know clinical facts in psychiatry. This course if 100% clinical focused in helping you with daily patient encounters. We have summarized this course into ___ cases. You will find detailed references at the end of each topic with full pdf/pubmed link for each article.


You can access this online from anywhere on your computer, tablets and phone (I will recommend bookmarking this page for quick access). I personally use this information at my work and hoping that this will help other busy clinical professionals. 



  • Psychiatry residents (primarily 3rd & 4th year).

  • Psychiatrists practicing in outpatient, inpatient and consultation-liasion settings.

  • For all other medical specialities taking care of patients with psychiatric conditions.

  • Medical students in psychiatry rotation and with interest in psychiatry residency.

  • Advance practitioners working under direct supervision of psychiatrists.