Attention PEFA Members: Join PEFA Network

Dear PEFA Members. 

We are excited to release a new update in our academy: PEFA NetworkThis is a closed group for PEFA members only and this include the following features:

  1. Forum Discussions: post your questions & clinical cases in a secure setting.
  2. Live Feed: Stay updated of PEFA activities at one place including new chapters, videos, blog posts, future updates etc. 
  3. Connect & Grow Network: connect with each other & grow your professional network.
  4. Live Zoom Sessions: we are planning to have live zoom sessions with PEFA members in future.
  5. And many more updates will be added to the PEFA network.

You will need an invite from me to join the PEFA network and I have sent this invite to all our active PEFA members. Go to the “Notification” on top right side >> you will find your invite to the PEFA Network. Please send me an email at if you have not received this invite yet. 

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